The Seychelles is a remote exotic island nation in the Indian Ocean. This island is popular for the international wedding location and honeymoon tourism. People from across the globe do take nature tour, adventure tour and hideaway island tour. The best time to visit for the honeymoon couples is from May to November. Seychelles coordinates are 4°37′ South and 55°27′ East.

You can book honeymoon packages for Seychelles online to beat the rush. It is a tourist’s friendly nation. The top 10 places to visit in Seychelles for the honeymoon tour are as follows.

  1. Sainte Anne Marine National Park

This national park is the best hideaway place for the honeymooners. You can see the rear indigenous giant Aldabra tortoise in its natural state. You both can feed them freely. You can also see Saint Anne Peak as backdrop from all locations. This is the best place to take photos on the lap of Mother Nature once in Seychelles. Roaming around this park island and watching its shore are the best way to relax with your spouse.

  1. Morne Seychelloise National Park

Morne Seychellois is the highest peak (2,969 ft) in Seychelles. It will be a pride to take your wife to this peak and view this exotic islands beauty from a greater height. This is scenic woodlands to enjoy trekking. This is an exotic tropical forest to relax and enjoy for the honeymoon goers. You can sight many birds, which are endemic to these 115 island groups.

  1. Beau Vallon, Mahe

This is the busiest beach in Seychellois, where most of the tourists come and stay. You can book a beachfront resort and just runaway to do snorkeling, jet skiing, wind surfing and fishing on the shallow seawater. You can see the seawater very transparent to see its marine life. This is the best place to go for a hike to Morne Seychellois. You can view this beach seawater in blue color from its mountain peak.

  1. Anse Marron, La Digue

This is the remote place to hideaway amidst sea rocks. This is a lagoon with shallow waters. You can sit on the granite rock and enjoy the sun or take a sunbath along with your partner. You can spend your time with privacy, as others sight will not disturb you due to so many boulders scattered on this lagoon.

  1. Petite Anse, La Digue

This is a picturesque beach in Seychelles. It is popular for its white sand and boulders near to the sloping hills towards the sea beach. It is ideal place to take sunbath together. You both can do snorkeling and swimming on this shallow beach. The honeymoon goers can take photos from the boulders, beach, seawater and the rolling stones on its shore.

  1. Petite Anse Kerlan, Praslin

The honeymoon goers can enjoy golfing, staying in traditional resorts and enjoy multi-cuisine foods from this beach. You both can take a sailing rental and just hideaway in the sea. Snorkeling is the main activity to do for the honeymoon couples on this white sand beach. It is a small curvy beach with palm groves on its shore. This is the best place to relax once in Praslin.

  1. Anse Intendance, Mahe

The honeymoon goers in Seychelles will be thrilled to reach this beach by walking through the woodlands. From the beach, you can look back and see the lush greenery beauty. There are many resorts and bar in this beachside. The honeymoon goers can do body surfing, surf boarding, and enjoy its crystal clear water and coral life.

  1. Sauzier Waterfall

This is a waterfall with many drops near port Glaud. It looks marvelous as the water as if the milk color just flow in-between the lush green forest. This is a forest waterfall too, where the honeymoon couples can enjoy bathing from its down pouring cascade. This is the best place to be in some privacy in the forest.

  1. Anse Lazio

You must take your life-partner to Anse Lazio for the exotic snorkeling experience. You both can join and admire the colorful fish, coral and turtles just beyond your headgear. The seawater is shallow and is very safe to swim and do snorkeling on this crystal clear seawater.

  1. Victoria, Mahe Island

Victoria is the capital of Seychelles, where you have to land for your honeymoon tour. This is the best place to stay in hotels, eat seafood and visit its attraction. You can plan your honeymoon places to see from Victoria.

Tour packages for Seychelles are from budget to luxury type. It is advisable to book your stay and travel in advance as this is an international tourist’s destination.