A UNESCO World Heritage site, Malacca should be on the itinerary of an average traveler. The visual delights that it brings is numerous, and enough to make anyone fall in love with its sights. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Malacca Tour .


Malacca City

The capital city of Malacca is in itself a visual treat to every traveller. One can either take a leisurely stroll through the city’s centre that is reminiscent of the past or take a ride in the vibrant and quirky ‘trishaw’ to grasp the vibes of this cultural rich city.

Alor Gajah

Alor Gajah is a countryside town located 24 km away from the Malacca city and is counted amongst the top places to see for its sheer simplicity and lush setting. The place is ideal to take a stroll amidst pretty shops, enjoying the tranquility. The renowned A’Famosa Resort is located her and it has several delights including several theme parks and a golf course inside it making it one of the top destination to visit in Malacca..


Klebang has some unique attractions making it one of the top places to visit in Malacca. The place ideal to relax, play in the sand and fly kite with the kids. You can also sip the delicious coconut shake while witnessing magical sunsets

 Ayer Keroh

you are looking for natural beauty and lush greenery Ayer Keroh is the place to go. This is a quaint backwater town just 15 Km outside Malacca city and allows you to spend a leisurely day with the kids and family. There are places to keep yourself engaged such as Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary as well as Melaka Zoo.

Beaches at Masjid Tanah

Situated in the Alor Gajah district, Masjid Tanah is one of the bigger towns and best places to visit in Malacca for outdoor activities. The place has some of the best hiking trails in the state and beautiful beaches around, it’s a great spot for adventure lovers and beach bums.

The floating mosque on Melaka Island

This man made island is also a special destination in itself and must be definitely in your list of places to visit in Malacca. Along with its vibe and beaches, this tiny island is unique because of the visually pleasing and peaceful Melaka Straits Mosque. Also known by the name floating mosque, this beautifully designed place of worship also offers amazing sunset views.

Thermal springs at Jasin District

The southernmost district of the State, Jasin is different and is definitely worth a visit owing to the presence of  the rejuvenating hot springs located here. There are pools with varying degrees of rejuvenating thermal water. One can take a refreshing bath in the healing waters. This reasonably priced location is certainly a place to visit when in Malacca.

Tanjung Kling

Tanjung Kling is famous for the scenic Puteri beach and the tomb of one of the greatest Malay warriors. This long stretch of beach offers excellent views and is a wonderful place savour the local delicacies at the food stalls. This is one of the places worth visiting at noght in Malacca. You can also visit the Hang Tuah mausoleum to get a glimpse into the legendary warrior’s life.

Pulau Besar

The Big Island or Pulau Besar is an island off the south-east coast of Malacca and is ideal for those coming here with an aim of spending the days in a spiritual way. One can visit the meditation caves of Muslim mystics and also choose to relax at the palm-shaded beaches basking in the tranquility and natural beauty of this spot in Malacca. If you are adventure enthusiast then jungle hiking is the perfect option for you and Pulau Besar is the perfect place to visit in Malacca.

Pulau Upeh

This island offers serenity and tranquil environment for peace lovers. A perfect place to escape from the city bustle and enjoy calm environment. Popular destination among tourists and locals. It is also home to endangered Hawksbill turtle, so visitors get a chance to take pictures with rarest species of this planet.

To sum it up, Malacca is the ideal getaway spot for those looking for a relaxed and laidback vacation and hence makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations.