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Kashmir is a heaven on earth. You can feel this when you reach here in any Kashmir tour package. Gulmarg is a snow adventure place in Kashmir on the Himalayas. Heli-skiing, chair lifts, and recreational snow sports activities are available here, apart from skiing on the finest snow piste in this world. Kashmir Valley is the only place to see tall alpine trees and lush green meadows on the Himalayas. It is snow-fed during summer and makes it a more heavenly place to visit once in a lifetime. Kashmir honeymoon tour packages include heavenly places like Betaab Valley, Tulip Gardens, Dachigam National Park, Yousmarg, and Dal Lake. Ski resorts in Gulmarg are the best place to stay in the summer and winter for couples. Dal Lake is the only place to land for boathouse tourism in Kashmir. Couples can go for nature walks and photography in apple orchids and tea estates in Gulmarg. Book Kashmir B2B tour packages if you visit Vaishno Devi, Amarnath Cave, Kheer Bhawani, Raghunath, Martand, and Shankaracharya Temples. November to July is the best time to visit Kashmir Valley in India. Kashmir DMC arranges customs tours, events, and adventure tours.

Kashmir is at an altitude of 1515 m AMSL. It is the northernmost region of the Indian subcontinent that is isolated from the PirPanjal Range and encompassed by the Karakorum Range in North India. It is a wonder suitably called Heaven on Earth by the Mughals Kingdom, who made significant trips to spend their summers here. Book now with Kashmir DMC or a destination management company to explore the heaven on the Himalayas. They disparaged the improvement of expressions and specialties and abandoned a rich legacy of lovely craftsmanship.

They found the different snowy slope stations and laid Srinagar's renowned Mughal Gardens here. Jammu and Kashmir is partitioned into three primary districts: Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh, by which Kashmir is the chief area of the state. Srinagar is the Mid-year state capital and is arranged at an Elevation of 1,730 meters above the mean sea level. This hill station is situated on both sides of the Jhelum Waterway, which is called Vyath in Kashmir. The stream goes through the city and wanders through the valley, moving forward and developing in the Wular Lake.

This hill station is well known for its nine old extensions, interfacing the two pieces of the city. Srinagar implies wealth (Lakshmi), and nagar implies city. The travel industry is the main section of the city’s economy. Today, Kashmir B2B Tour Packages are most sought after by custom tour takers. The capital city of Srinagar is an entryway to probably the most picturesque and delightful spots of the Indian subcontinent. Srinagar is notable for its lakes. Dal Lake, with its houseboats, is well known from one side of the planet to the other. Srinagar is a little and delightful city with a brilliant environment. Nagin Lake is one more popular lake in the city. History of Kashmir “Kashmir” signifies “parched land” (from the Sanskrit: Ka = water and shimmer = parch). In the Rajatarangini, a background marked by Kashmir composed by Kalhana in the mid-twelfth 100 years, it is expressed that the valley of Kashmir was previously a lake.

As per Hindu folklore, the lake was depleted by the extraordinary rishi or sage, Kashyapa, child of Marichi, child of Brahma, by cutting the hole in the slopes at Baramulla (Varaha-mula). At the point when Kashmir had been depleted, Kashyapa requested that Brahmans settle there. It is as yet the nearby custom, and in the current state of the country, we might see some ground for the story that has taken this structure. The Instrument of Promotion in 1947 brought the region under the immediate rule of the Republic of India when the then leader of the territory, Maharaja Hari Singh, permitted the state to converge into the domain of India, a move which was bound to be quite possibly of the most questionable move throughout the entire existence of India. Today, Jammu and Kashmir lies at the focal point of international tourism. The Gulmarg is already an international tourist place for skiing, heli-skiing, and snow lift trips to see the Mighty Himalayas from the high-altitude region in Kashmir. November to March is the cool season to visit Kashmir for snow and adventures.

DMCs in Metro Cities

The Himalayan tour takers, explorers, honeymooners, skiers, and others can reach Kashmir from the below-mentioned metro cities of India via Kashmir DMC. They arrange your Kashmir travel as per your budget, including excursion, food, stay in Kashmir resorts, local travel, and any function needs in Kashmir.


The shortest and fastest way to reach the hill stations of Kashmir is from New Delhi. It is nigh connected with rail, road, and flights. Foreign tourists alight here and take a flight to Kashmir on the same day of arrival at New Delhi International Airport. Kashmir B2B Tour Package from Delhi is available for domestic and international tourists, travelers, couples, solo women, and for any type of special events and functions. You can reach Kashmir via train from New Delhi.


Kashmir DMC tour packages are the best to book by couples, families, and others for a bespoke Kashmir trip. The Kashmir B2B Tour Package from Mumbai is much more affordable as it meets your resort, hotels, dining, events, venues, and travel arrangements needs. Today, DMCs in Kashmir are better serving travelers and tourists than any other tour operators in India. The DMCs of Kashmir have better tie-ups with Kashmir tourism and allied industries. They have a local office in Mumbai to serve the Mumbaites and others residing in Maharashtra, India.


The people of Kolkata are blessed to have Kashmir B2B tour operator in Kolkata. The Bengalis and others living in West Bengal can plan a custom Kashmir tour in their desired way. It is budget-friendly, and you will explore the Kashmir Valley, ski in Kashmir, boating at Dal Lake, and visit the tulip garden in a week-long Kashmir tour from Kolkata. Book now, Kashmir B2B Tour Package from Kolkata 24/7 or thropughout a year via online from Kolkata’s DMCs office. They provide you with a licensed tour guide who speaks English and Bengali.


The Chennaites and others residing in Tamil Nadu are welcome by the Kashmir B2B Tour Package from Chennai for your trip to heaven on earth. The best DMC of Kashmir is there here in Madras to serve you a bespoke Kashmir nature, adventure, and honeymoon tour. Kashmir DMC B2B is much more affordable than any online Kashmir tour package. You can reach Kashmir on the same day if you travel via air on your Kashmir honeymoon tour from Chennai. If you wish for a guided tour, solo tourists can have a male or female Kashmir tour guide.

The native Kashmiris run Kashmir DMC. They have much local knowledge and update all new hotels, restaurants, events, cultural functions, venues, and anything added new in Kashmir tourism. It is why. The DMCs in Kashmir is most sought after by people seeking special tour in their desired ways. They book your resort, event venues, food, and other local travel arrangements in the desired luxury vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Kashmir DMC?

A Kashmir DMC is a Destination Management Company based in Kashmir, specializing in organizing and managing tours, activities, and services for travelers visiting the region. They often offer a wide range of services, including transportation, accommodation, guided tours, and more.

What services does a Kashmir DMC provide?

Kashmir DMCs typically provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of travelers. This may include arranging accommodations, transportation (such as airport transfers or car rentals), guided tours, adventure activities, cultural experiences, and assistance with travel logistics.

What is a Kashmir B2B tour package?

A Kashmir B2B tour package is designed for businesses operating in the travel industry, such as travel agencies or tour operators, who wish to offer Kashmir as a destination to their customers. B2B packages typically involve bulk bookings and partnerships between the business and the DMC to provide seamless travel experiences for their clients.

What are the advantages of booking through a Kashmir DMC?

Booking through a Kashmir DMC offers several advantages, including local expertise and knowledge, convenience, personalized itineraries, access to exclusive experiences, and assistance with any travel-related issues or emergencies.

What types of tours are available through Kashmir DMCs?

Kashmir DMCs offer a variety of tours catering to different interests and preferences. This may include cultural tours, adventure tours (such as trekking, skiing, or rafting), religious tours, wildlife tours, honeymoon packages, and more. Additionally, customized tours can often be arranged based on specific requirements.

How can businesses partner with Kashmir DMCs for B2B tour packages?

Businesses interested in partnering with Kashmir DMCs for B2B tour packages can typically reach out to the DMC directly to discuss partnership opportunities. This may involve negotiating terms, establishing pricing and commission structures, and collaborating on marketing efforts to promote the packages to potential customers.

Are Kashmir DMCs reliable?

As with any service provider, the reliability of Kashmir DMCs can vary. It's essential to research and choose a reputable DMC with a proven track record of delivering quality services and customer satisfaction. Reading reviews, seeking recommendations, and verifying credentials can help ensure a positive experience.

What should I consider when booking a Kashmir tour package?

When booking a Kashmir tour package, consider factors such as your budget, travel dates, interests and preferences, the reputation of the DMC, inclusions and exclusions in the package, cancellation and refund policies, and any special requirements or accommodations needed. It's also a good idea to clarify any doubts or questions with the DMC before making a booking.
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